Three Tips for Healthy Eyes

Did you know that 85% of British workers’ waking hours begin with them staring at screens according to Optegra? Recent research was based on people at home, in the office or on their commute.

Do I need to wait for my prescription to be stable?

For you to be able to have refractive surgery also known as laser eye surgery, it is important that you meet certain criteria. You may be asking yourself why? Well, it is important to make sure that you meet the criteria for a successful procedure.

Is my prescription too high? What are the options (phakic IOLs)

Having a high prescription can make laser eye surgery an unsuitable option. However, there are options for you. Phakic IOL’s are a special kind of intraocular lens which can correct severe near-sightedness. Not only this but they can produce better vision outcomes.

Laser eye surgery can save you money and time

A lot of people hesitate when it comes to having laser eye surgery for many reasons. However, when you compare the costs associated with and without laser eye surgery, you will be surprised to find out that laser eye surgery can save you money and time.

A Guide to Cataract Surgery

Unsure about what exactly a cataract is? A Cataract is the natural crystalline lens inside your eye becoming cloudy. Contrary to common beliefs cataract is not a skin growing across the eye.