Laser eye surgery can save you money and time


A lot of people hesitate when it comes to having laser eye surgery for many reasons. However, when you compare the costs associated with and without laser eye surgery, you will be surprised to find out that laser eye surgery can save you money and time.

According to Statista 78% (2014) of people in England have a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. That is extremely high.

Often at times, you may discover that you are getting tired of having to spend money on contact lenses, glasses, repairs and so on.

This blog post will highlight some reasons why laser eye surgery will save you money and time.

No more money spent using glasses, contact lens, prescription sunglasses

Do you want to be able to not worry about ordering and replacing eyewear?

Not being able to see without the use of glasses, contact lenses and prescription sunglasses can be a huge inconvenience to your life. The range of prices you will see for glasses is huge. They can go right up to £200+. depending on your needs and preferences. Other fees may include doctor visits, repairs, accessories, insurance and more.

Therefore, getting laser eye surgery can save you a lot of money which can be used on other things you want to do.

Time is precious

Laser eye surgery can save you tireless journeys of finding the right glasses and save you the inconvenience of having to regularly go to the opticians to get your eyes tested.

You may find often that you fall asleep with your glasses and misplace them at times. You may want to go swimming with some friends or relax at the spa for the weekend but can’t see.

Having laser eye surgery will allow your vision to be restored so that you can enjoy such experiences.

Your time is important and getting laser eye surgery can save you a lot of time to do what makes you happy.

It is safe and effective

Research has shown that laser eye surgery is safe and effective. In fact, according to the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, more than 95% of people who have had refractive surgery are happy with the results.

The freedom of being able to get up every day and be able to see is priceless.

This is something Mr Hove deeply understands and is why he passionate about restoring vision.

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