Is my prescription too high? What are the options (phakic IOLs)


Having a high prescription can make laser eye surgery an unsuitable option. However, there are options for you.

Phakic IOL’s are a special kind of intraocular lens which can correct severe near-sightedness. Not only this but they can produce better vision outcomes.

They do this by allowing light to focus on the retina for clearer vision.

Laser Eye Surgery and Phakic IOLs

Laser eye surgery can be useful to correct your vision. Whilst it can be effective and with new technology advancements, not everyone is a good candidate for the surgery. This is often due to having too much farsightedness or astigmatism.

People who experience moderate to severe near-sightedness are likely to benefit more from phakic IOLs rather than laser eye surgery.

Mr Hove will be able to discuss these options with you during your eye evaluation and let you know the most suited type of surgery.